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« on: September 20, 2019, 08:47:08 AM »
Hello everyone.
I`m a newbie on this forum, but a long-time flash-a-holic,  I`ve owned products of Fenix, Zebralight, Thrunite, Armytek, Lux-rc vendors.

Today I want to tell you my sad-but-true story with my Lux-rc flashlights. Hope it will warn you against deal with Serger Dolgov aka

I`ve purchased a pair of Lux-RC FL-33 V3.0 light, with serial numbers FL330239 and FL3300441, and they worked nice for a period of time. But then, light with XP-L module (FL330239) began to self power-on (being locked), while was carring as EDC. Such recommendations as cleaning contacts, replacing 18650 battery does not succeeded and the light was sent to manufacter, Serge Dolgov for a warranty repair (FL-33 light have comes with lifetime warranty). He said, that upgraded firmware and sent the light back to me.
And it worked ok for a few month.

In winter 2018 the problem with self power-ons returned, I`ve contacted with Serge again (January 11). He said that button circuit need to be replaced, but currently he have no one. New run was planned for spring 2018.
At May 30 I`ve write a message to Serge again, and he said that will try to do a waranty repair, so I`ve send my flashlight to him by post service (tracking number 36481032). At June 7 it was received by Serge.

Since that time I`ve contacted with mr. Dolgov quite frequently, to find out, where my FL-33 will be repaired and returned to me. Here is his answers (I have all chat history, if it`s needed):

At July 7, he said, that he tried to extract button circut from flashlight, and broke it.
At August 31 he said, that laboratory is currently moving to Zvenigorod city, and this summer he have a vacation.
At September 28 he said, that he will try to do a repair in a few weeks.
At Octrober 19 was said, that they are currently assembling flashlights for a new clients and it`s possible to replace button circuit in my flashlight too.
At October 26 they was developing code for a new microcontroller.
At November 13 he said, that glue machine in lab is broken, but circuits will be ready be the end of week.
At November 19 he said, that is not in a city now, will return by November 29. And the circuit cannot be assembled due lack of parts.
At December 3, parts, need for circuits assembly should be delivered by the end of week
At December 13 - parts not delivered.
At December 20 parts are delivered, they are assembling circuits, all will be done in a week.
At December 27 - all will be done before The New Year 2019.
At January 9, 2019 - delivered, read, no answer
At January 10, 2019 - the same
At January 16, 2019. It`s almost done, circuits are assembled. It`s just need to be set into flashlight. All will be done by this weekend.
At January 25, 2019 - delivered, read, no answer
At January 31, 2019 - delivered, read, no answer
At February 02, 2019 - delivered, read, no answer
At February 11, 2019 - "I`m not so often in the lab now, the flashlight will be send this week"
At February 18, 2019 - delivered, read, no answer
At March 01, 2019 - delivered, read, no answer
At March 11, 2019 - we have a reconstruction into the office now. It`s almost done, I`ll assembly flashlight at the next week.
At March 25, 2019 - delivered, read, no answer
At March 26, 2019 - delivered, read, no answer
At March 27, 2019 - We are currently not producing flashlights now, our lab will be ready in April. I could return your flashlight AS-IS, it is working now. (HMM, but the button circuit was broken at July 7, 2018?!). There was two options: send flashlight back, or wait untill lab will be ready. I`ve chosed first one.
At April 24, 2019. New circuit was assembled, it`s just need to be set into the flashlight. Need one week to do that.
At May 6, 2019 - delivered, read, no answer
At May 14, 2019 - all lab`s equipment is not unpacked yet, but circuit is ready. Need one or two weeks to set circuit into the flashlight.
At May 30, 2019 lab`s equipment is ready, all will be done after this weekend.
At June 6, 2019 - delivered, read, no answer
At June 7, 2019 - the same
At June 11, 2019 - still no answer
At June 18, 2019 - no answer again
At July 15, 2019 - will send the flashlight by the and of week, with new motion-sensing light engine, as apologize.
At July 19, 2019 - delivered, read, no answer
At July 22, 2019 - delivered, read, no answer
At September 18, 2019 - delivered, read, no answer

In addition, at July 26, 2019, I`ve send to Serge a pretrial claim by post service. It was delivered "in hands" at August 20 2019. Still no answer.

So, now I forced to resolve this problem by starting a trial. I hope I could get my $500 back from this dishonorable and untrustworthy person.
Please, do not repeat my mistakesю It`s better for your not to deal with custom flashlights and it`s CEO Serge Dolgov ever. It`s just a fraud!