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Share my flashlight collection.
« on: May 16, 2020, 12:58:33 AM »
A whole, new entire topic, just to share my flashlight collection.  :)

1. Four-Sevens MMU-X3. Oct. 2014, I purchased from Sears Marketplace/Overstock. I did well selecting my first real light, this permanently classic item
will be forever beloved by flashoholics. This light boldly demarcates the division between lights that are smaller than it, and lights that are larger than it.
Nice beam profile, too. There is no way that I could have picked a better item.

2. Niwalker MM15. Nov. 2014, purchased from the friendly folks at Going Gear. Selbuilts' review of this item had me utterly transfixed for weeks. I could
not take another breath until I had it in my hands. No classic collection is complete without this ground-breaking hand-held floodlight.

3. Eagletac SX25L3 kit. Feb. 2015. I got this because Selfbuilt always included it in his comparative tables in his reviews, and because of
its power/size ratio. I love its "gadgety" feel and I also love the Eagletac build style/quality.

4. Noctigon Meteor M43vn XP-L dd. June, 2015, my first Vinh54 light. When it dawned on me that GG was not going to carry this instant permanent
classic, I frantically searched for another supplier and found Vinh54. Oozing gob-loads of cachet, this light will forever have its place at the pinnacle of
true classics.

5. Thrunite TN36UTvn spec 1. Jan. 2016, the ceiling bounce monster of its time. I edced it for a few months. That's how excited I was about it. My most "beat up" light, from work horse use.

6. MM15 MB vn spec 1. Feb. 2016, the must-have successor to the original ultra classic MM15.

7. Olight S2 Baton. Feb. 2016 from GG. This item went with me whenever I have my keys on me, because they are what it was attached to for four years. Much used,
never a bobble.

8. Acebeam EC50vn spec 1. May, 2016; the item for max power in its size in Spring 2016. A small beginning of my attraction to the ground-breaking line
up of products from Acebeam.

9. Eagletac MX25L4Cvn kit. July 2016, nice beam profile, provided by the four non-overlapping reflectors. A great looker, too.

10. Fenix TK75vnQ70. Aug. 2016, I used it every night for many months, and I am thrilled by its build quality.

11. Acebeam K70vn. Sept. 2016 is when I surprisingly became amazed at dedicated throwers. I bought it just to have such an item, and I instantly
became thrilled at what the beam does.

12. Acebeam X65vn spec1. Dec. 2016, I became super excited as soon as its specs were released months before the light itself was released. This light
has the beam performance that I always wanted from other lights that just can not do what this can do: Putting oodles of lumens very far out there.

13. TN42 vn spec 1. Feb. 2017, the logical successor to the awesome K70.

14. P60vn Quad XP-L HD 2 cell host Cryos Cu head. March 2017. 4,300 lumens from a light in its size class: Not bad at all. My only light with main external part that is not aluminum.

15. Acebeam X65vn spec 1. March 2017; not being content with the first one that Vinh got, I needed another one of these superlative beam generators
for my other hand. If you want to feel what it's like to be at the outer limits of the hand held led universe, fire up one of these in each hand, and you
will feel that feeling.

16. Manker MK34vn XP-L. April 2017, The perfect balance of max power for its size.

17. TM06Svn 4 x XHP50.2. May 25, 2017, The perfect balance of max power for its size with ten thousand lumens in the smallest package possible in its time, and only two were thus modded by Vinh.

18. Acebeam X45vn XHP70.2. June 19, 2017, this item is much brighter that the Fenix TK75vnQ70. For over two years, this has been my nightly utility use flooder.

19. Imalent R90TS. July 16, 2019. 18x XHP35, 8x 21700 Samsung 40T, two fans. I purchased the stock version from Vinh54. My main area of interest is beam profile/beam performance. Beam profile is similar to X65, but with a little more throw and some more beam width, and some more spill, with more lumens on the target at given range, but in the form of a larger hotspot.

20. Acebeam K75Vn Spec 1. Sept. 3, 2019, 6,300 Lumens, 2,500 Meters, 1.57Mcd. The logical successor to the TN42. More throw, and more beam width than TN42. Vinh did no performance increase, but he tightened up some stuff.

21. Imalent MS18. Oct. 21, 2019. The current King of Flood. 18 x XHP70.2, 100,000 lumens. Recommended to me by my favorite flashlight person. Either you got the current King Of Flood, or you don't.

22. 3 x XHP 50.2 Four Sevens MMU-X3Vn, one off, Dec. 17, 2019, 5,500 lumens, 346 meters, 30Kcd. Ultra classic item, now three and a half times more lumens than the original stock version. My only light with custom external finish.

23. Nitecore TM9KVn, 9 x stock XP-L2 6500, Jan. 6, 2020, Vinh specs after boost and improved heat sinking: 9120 lumens, 297 meters, 22Kcd. A major manufacturer decided that The Everyman can have 10,000 lumens in a single cell light.

24. Nightwatch NSX3vn Jan 27, 2020. stock 3 x XHP 50.2 8,000 lumen, 375 meter, 35Kcd. A red hot screamer for its size. Throw is the best of numbers 22 through 25 inclusive, too.

25. Nitecore E4K vn, Jan. 30, 2020. Factory 4 x XP-L. 4,000 lumens, 261 meters throw. A major manufacturer decided that The Everyman can have 4,000 lumens in a single cell light.

26. Emisar D4V2 vn, Feb. 22, 2020: quad W2 4,020 lumens, 429 meters with throw optics. Single 18650. Midway size between S2 baton and E4K. After four years, this is the replacement for my super trusty S2 Baton.

27. Lumintop FW3Avn triple W2.1 Feb. 28, 2020, 2,800 lumens, 425 meters throw. Currently the most compact high power single 18650 flashlight, I think. I like the FW-ism-ness.

28. Lumintop FW4Avn quad W2 April 13, 2020, 2,850 lumens, 456 meters throw. Picture perfect beam pattern.

Pending: On order: Two Imalent MS03 vn. Serious inquiry: Three Lumintop FW21 Pro vn triple XHP50.2

List of lights that I have ever parted with: None.

Pic of my front burner lights: R90TS, X65, MS18, X65, K75, X45, S2 Baton, FW4a quad W2, FW3a triple W2.1, D4V2 quad W2, E4K, TM9K, NSX53 triple XHP50.2, Cryos P60 quad XP-L.  All are through Vinhs' hands except the S2 Baton.

13 back burner lights: Not shown. Ten through Vinh's hands, three not.

On order: Two MS03 single 21700 triple XHP70.2. Serious inquiry sent: Three FW21 Pro triple XHP50.2.
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I like to edc large, high performance lights.

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Re: Share my flashlight collection.
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2020, 10:28:52 PM »
Damn, son! Thatís a hell of a collection! You have some serious stuff there. I love that you have some skylumens lights that are beaters. You really need to get some Emisar/Noctigon lights. The D4v2 will make you forget all about the FW3A and other small flooders. The KR1 and KR4 are crazy as well. I have a KR1 enroute and should have it next week. Best pocket thrower out right now. Truly amazing lights and Vihn thinks that Emisar has the best build quality and attention to detail so that is something you should appreciate as well.