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General Forum Rules
« on: March 09, 2014, 04:58:59 PM »


Have fun and allow others to do the same
Be respectful of others (manners cost nothing)
No Asshatery
Use your loaves

No Spam

Please note - This is a family friendly site so kindly refrain from posting adult related profanity and/or material.

Trader/Vendor Advertising

In order to advertise your company and/or products on TFF you are required to seek Verification first (Contact Spasmod to find out how)
Under no circumstances will we tolerate random Traders/Vendors who join to place adverts for their company - in signatures or in forum threads. These will be removed and accounts banned.
Please see the Trader - Vendor Rules thread for further information.


Affiliate linking is very tightly controlled here on TFF. ONLY Trusted Reviewers shall be authorised to place them. This will be down to TFF staff discretion.
'Trusted Reviewers' even then, can only post affiliate links in their OWN review threads and ONLY to the reviewed product.
Affiliate links posted by any other members will be removed and action taken, possibly resulting in a ban. This also applies for affiliate linking in signatures.


We do not allow web extensions (.com etc) in usernames here on TFF.

These rules may be added to or changed at any time.
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